Melissa found her love of cooking through her family. Her family taught her the importance of the aroma of spices and how they enhance each dish. As I child she would pull up a stool and together they would create all the family comfort favourites like Bolognese. Throughout her teenage years she would experiment with cooking for her family and after graduation continued with Culinary training. She never believed a career doing what she loved was an option so she studied finance. Without a true passion for finance she returned to what she loves, cooking. Melissa spent a year in Australia cooking in exploration mine site and an ocean front pub. She then made the move to New Zealand and found herself in a craft beer bar cooking hundreds of steaks a night and creating craft beer tasting menus. She travelled for months through Asia, absorbing the flavours, culture and culinary creations. Once back in Canada Melissa continued to experiment and grow with the knowledge she gained travelling the world as a Sous Chef.  She looks forward to bringing fresh new flavours and flare to The Bard menu. Check out her ever changing and exciting daily features.